Advocacy, Consulting & Information Program

Inclusion in the Arts maintains relationships with artists, producers, directors, casting directors, agents and unions in theatre, film and television, and related media.  We promote and facilitate cultural diversity at all levels of production. Inclusion in the Arts also serves as a resource for funding agencies, educational institutions, the media and the general public seeking information and background on these issues. We receive several requests a week for this help, averaging 150 requests per year.  Because we provide a unique depth of service, our engagement with individuals/organizations varies from a few hours to ongoing assistance over several months.

We work with individuals, production companies, theatres and organizations on a customized, case-by-case basis, providing information on specific issues and follow-up technical support as needed.  Services range from acting as a sounding board and expert consultant for companies dealing with these issues, assisting writers with ideas, providing specific language for casting notices and/or program notes, to facilitating and/or participating in project-related discussions and/or events.

The Disability/Accessibility Initiative, a subset of the Advocacy/Consulting and Information Program, directly addresses the fact that nearly 20% of Americans (58 million people) have a disability of some kind, yet this largest minority is seriously underrepresented in American arts and entertainment.

Through this initiative, Inclusion in the Arts works to increase and facilitate the inclusion of artists with mobility, intellectual, developmental or sensory disabilities in theatre, film, television, and related media.  Disability is an integral part of the diversity picture and as such, the Alliance seeks and encourages accurate and authentic portrayals of disability on our screens and stages, and increased characters and storylines that include disability.

Inclusion in the Arts Disability Advocate Christine Bruno oversees our database of more than 400 professional artists with disabilities.  She regularly reaches out to these artists, casting directors, directors and producers to encourage expanded opportunities and to facilitate logistics of employment (physical access, sign language interpreters, consulting on terminology and preferred language, etc.), from the beginning of the casting process through post-production/close of show. In addition, our Disability Advocate consults with writers regarding content, which includes everything from ensuring accuracy of disability-related information to assisting with the use of preferred language.  In addition, she is routinely called upon to offer her expertise on panel and roundtable discussions, as well as small- and large-scale resource events across the country and internationally.

If you are an artist with a disability and would like to add your headshot and resume to our files, please contact our Disability Associate David Harrell at .

For more information on our customized consulting services, please contact our office at 212-730-4750.