I-Caption and D-Scriptive

I-Caption, a revolutionary hand-held captioning system for deaf and hard-of-hearing theatergoers, is the newest and latest development offered as part of these special services. An automated system, it receives the signal from the master system and displays verbatim texts of the entire show, including lyrics, announcements, and show information.

D-Scriptive, an automated system for blind or low-vision patrons, is controlled by the same master system that operates all the Special Services. During the show, the audience member hears a detailed description of all the visual aspects of the production, including staging, choreography, lighting, sets, costumes, and all visual humor or drama. It is synchronized to the show’s cue-ing system, and adjusts itself according to any fluctuations in the performance. Also included is a pre-show program which conveys Playbill information. There is never a charge to the patron for the D-Scriptive service.

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  1. LuAnn Dean says:

    I am trying to find some performances that have I-Caption capability for December 26 and 27 in NYC.

    Appreciate any assistance you can provide.

    LuAnn Dean

  2. Elizabeth Moore says:

    My 14 year old grandson loves the theater and loves to sing. I want to take him to Broadway musical or play. He has been to several already before he became visually impaired at age 9. Please add me to any email lists of shows or theaters that have D-scriptive devices available.

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