What does Inclusion in the Arts do?

Inclusion in the Arts is the nation’s leading advocate for full diversity as a key to the vitality and dynamism of American theatre, film, and television.  We promote authentic dialogue about race, culture, and disability that embraces the complexity of underlying social and historical issues.

How is Inclusion in the Arts’ mission carried out?

Inclusion in the Arts serves as an expert advocate and educational resource for full inclusion in theatre,  film, television and related media by working with those who make up the artistic team including, but not limited to:  actors, directors, writers, designers, choreographers, as well as networks, production companies, and arts organizations.

Why is full inclusion in the arts important?

When artists are denied equitable professional opportunities, their exclusion represents a serious loss to the cultural life of the nation.  Exclusion further denies artists and audiences alike the artistic benefits of diversity, and denies the public an accurate reflection of American society.

Is Inclusion in the Arts casting office?

No.  Our casting referral services are available free of charge to producers, casting directors, directors, writers, and other industry decision makers.

If you are an actor with a disability and would like to submit your headshot and  resume for inclusion in our database, please use the following link: 

I am a performer with a disability. Can Inclusion in the Arts act as my agent?

No.  While Inclusion in the Arts maintains a comprehensive database of professional actors with disabilities, we do not recommend or advocate for particular actors in our files.  When we are contacted by a casting director,  producer, director, etc., we simply refer those actors in our files who fit the character breakdown given to us.  We provide this service to the actors in our files because we understand that many actors from underserved communities do not have representation and as such, lack access to opportunities available to those actors who do have representation.

I am an actor looking for training and/or professional resources. Can Inclusion in the Arts offer me any assistance?

Inclusion in the Arts has amassed a wealth of resources and information designed to assist artists of color and with disabilities.  Please visit our online resource center for a full list.

I am writing a story (or working on a project) and looking for assistance regarding preferred language.  Can Inclusion in the Arts help?

Words have power.  To keep current it is important to use terms preferred by the disability community itself.  Inclusion in the Arts has created A Glossary of Terms and Preferred Language as a resource.  We hope you find them to be of assistance and welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions.