nytheatre.com “THE PENALTY” Q&A preview with Artistic Director, Actor & Producer Gregg Mozgala

  • By · June 11th, 2013

What is your show about?
Inspired by the 1920 Lon Chaney silent film of the same name, The Penalty is the story of a legless criminal who has sworn revenge on the doctor who wrongfully amputated his legs as a child.

When did you know you wanted to work in the theater, and why?
The late playwright, John Belluso once said, ‘that to be disabled, was to always be on stage.’ As a person with a disability (I was born with spastic cerebral palsy), I am constantly dealing with people’s gazes in my every day life and managing that negotiation between seeing and being seen. For me, the awareness of how that could translate to acting was in 7th grade when for the first assignment in my Speech & Drama class, I chose to perform Mark Antony’s, “Friends, Romans, Countrymen…” speech from Julius Caesar. Suddenly, people were looking at me differently and I realized that through performance I could to some extent control my audience. That was how I entered this world but my reasons for staying have since evolved.

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