Disability in Entertainment and Arts Link

DEAL, a project of the Alliance, is a collective of arts and entertainment professionals dedicated to the full inclusion of people with disabilities—physical, developmental, intellectual, and sensory—in all sectors of American arts and entertainment.

We are committed to:

  • Universal opportunity for and participation of disabled people—a critical and underrepresented segment of our national talent pool—on stage and screen, and behind the scenes
  • The creation of new, vibrant, complex characters and storylines
  • Realistic portrayals, authentic representations, accurate content, information, and language when presenting disabled people and ideas about disability

DEAL was expressly created to serve writers, directors, producers, technicians, network and studio executives, casting directors, and disabled artists at every stage of the creative process—from development of the initial idea through production, marketing, and public presentation.

DEAL is the link to:

  • Resources and information on standards and practices in programming, hiring, casting, production, and the accessibility of physical structures and modes of communication used in theatre, film, and television, and related media
  • Consultants, writers, online resources, and artists with disabilities working in all areas of arts and entertainment.  We help individuals and organizations develop projects that reflect the changing landscape of disability, introduce provocative ideas about disability, and put forth a more authentic representation of what it means to be a disabled person in the 21st century