Listening with an Open Eye: Acknowledgements

The Alliance for Inclusion in the Arts thanks the AT&T Foundation who first recognized the need for Listening with an Open Eye and whose early grant made it possible to conceptualize and initially develop the guide. During this critical period, we received invaluable participation from Lillie Mikesell, Karen Byers and their publishing company, Bywood Publishing. Alan Champion and Rick Rubin also contributed generously to the information on interpreters.

We are equally grateful to the National Endowment for the Arts and to the New York State Council on the Arts whose generous support in 2000-2001 has made possible the completion and publication on the internet of Listening with an Open Eye.

Our deepest thanks and appreciation extend to the many individuals who have contributed their experiences and expertise comprising the heart and soul of the guide including Kenneth Albers, Michelle Banks, Sharon Bialy, Deanne Bray, Jeff Calhoun, Mel Carter, the family of Sharon Carter, Willy Conley, Gordon Davidson, Judy Dennis, John Dillon, Dr. Lawrence Fleischer, Linda Hartzell, Monique Holt, Michael Kahn, Missy Keast, Troy Kotsur, Deborah LaVine, John Frank Levey, Irene Lewis, Professor Paul Longmore, Anthony Natale, Andrew Shea and Tim Vasen. Thanks once more to Alan Champion and Rick Rubin for reviewing the sections on interpreters. Finally, special thanks to Barbara Shulman.