Armani, Nora*

Nora Armani plays Shakespeare, Shaw, Hammerstein, Molière, Tchekov, Guitry, Labiche, Fatima Gallaire, Tewfik al Hakim, Gunter Grass, and has toured with SOJOURN AT ARARAT internationally in over 20 cities on four continents in its English and French (Le Chant D’Ararat) versions, together with Gerald Papasian.

Nora Armani has interpreted lead roles in American, French, Czech, Armenian, Lebanese and Egyptian films on screen and on television. Between March 1991 and December 1993, she represented the Ministry of Culture of Armenia as a spokesperson for the promotion of Armenian cinema world wide.

The films she has produced were shown at major film festivals: Cannes 1996 (Official Selection- Un Certain Regard), Montreal, Rotterdam, Cairo, Portland, Washington, D.C., Cambridge, London, Inverness, Cardiff, Birmingham and Lancaster amongst others.

She was invited to Cairo to play the lead role of Anna in the musical The King and I opposite Egyptian stage and TV star Mohamed Sobhi, performed at Radio Theatre in Cairo and broadcast on TV and Satellite.

Other works: “Nannto Nannto”, a stage production of words and music of her co-creation with cellist Aya Sakakibara, which she performed in Paris at the Theatre des Dechargeurs during February 2000. And later in Venice at the Santa Margherita Theatre in August 2000.

Nora Armani is the winner of several awards: two BEST ACTRESS awards for Film & Stage Yerevan (Armenia) Festival-1991, the DRAMALOGUE AWARD for performance-1988- Los Angeles, the Encore DRAMALOGUE AWARD for performance-1989- Los Angeles, the CALIFORNIA MOTION PICTURE GOLDEN STAR award-1985-Los Angeles. She is an Honorary Member of the National Theatre of Armenia since 1992. Her most recent award was that of Best Actress for her lead role in Labyrinth at the Siunik Film Festival. She holds an M.Sc. from the University of London and a B.A in Sociology and Theatre Acting and Directing from the American University Cairo and UCLA.

Her most recent work as a playwrigt and performer is On the Couch with Nora Armani and her recent TV appearance is the TV series Freinds in Egypt.

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