El-Attar, Suehyla

Suehyla El-Attar is an actress/writer living and working in Atlanta, Georgia. She is one of 3 girls born to Egyptian-Moslem parents.  Only her immediate family lives in the U.S., the rest are located in Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt.  She lived in Iraq, Kuwait, and Cairo in her younger years.  In 2004, needing hands-on experience for a new script she was writing, she volunteered a short amount of time with a refugee camp in Nablus, Palestine.  In 2005, she participated in the first American-public, female-led, co-ed, Islamic service; Suehyla served as the mu’athan.   Over the last 10 years, in Atlanta, she has worked in radio as a dj and morning news personality, working with several well-known stations, including Q100 (WWWQ-FM). She has left radio far behind and mainly focuses on acting

THE PERFECT PRAYER, [2 men, 2 women, 1 set depicting several locations in time and space, at once] A tradtional coming-of-age story in a traditional Moslem household …in Mississippi. [ 2006 World Premiere at Horizon Theatre;  2007 West Coast Premiere, Cyranos Theatre Company 2007; 104 pages]

Contact: Lisa Adler, Horizon Theatre Company, 404-523-1477 ext 17 or suehyla at suehyla.com

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