Haddad, Kathryn*

Lebanese American Kathryn Haddad is co-founder and Executive Director of Mizna (meaning cloud of the desert). Based in Minneapolis, Mizna is the only journal of Arab American literature in the U.S. Since its founding in the fall of 1999, Mizna has expanded to an Arab American arts organization that includes the journal, an annual Arab Film Festival and numerous arts events presenting emerging writers, musicians, dancers and visual artists, as well as artists and intellectuals of international stature.

WITH LOVE FROM RAMALLAH (coauthored with Juliana Pegues) Taking place on the West bank of the Mississippi River (in Minneapolis) and the West bank of the River Jordan (in Ramallah), the play shows what life has been like for Arab immigrants in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks and for Palestinians in Ramallah during one for the severest political crises in the Middle East to date. [premiere Pangea World Theatre in Minneapolis, 2005]

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