TCM October 23, 2012 Trivia!


8pm (est) A Child is Waiting (1963)

  • The children in the film, with the exception of Bruce Ritchey, were patients at the Pacific State Hospital in Pomona, California.
  • Shown at Anthology Film Archives (John Cassavetes Retrospective) in New York City May 19, 1990.

10:00pm (est) Mandy (1953)

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12midnight (est) Of Mice and Men (1939)

  • Another adaptation of Steinbeck’s novel was released in 1992, directed by Gary Sinise, and starring Sinise as “George” and John Malkovich as “Lenny.”
  • In the dinner sequence Mae, who expects to go to the movies later that evening, shows Curly a pair of theater tickets. Briefly glimpsed is the title of the film she plans to see, Zenobia (1939) a Hal Roach production starring Oliver Hardy without Stan Laurel.
  • The film’s action actually begins before the opening credits appear, an unusual order for credits in a 1939 film.
  • Actor Roman Bohnen’s onscreen credit reads: “Roman Bohnen, (Candy in the film) courtesy of the Group Theater of New York
  • Academy Award Nomination for Best Picture
  • Academy Award Nomination for Best Score
  • Academy Award Nomination for Best Sound

2:00am (est) Charly (1968)

  • Also Known As: The Two Worlds of Charly Gordon
  • Cliff Robertson saw more than one TV production he’d starred in turned into hit movies with other actors (such as Days of Wine and Roses), so when he starred in the 1961 “U.S. Steel Hour” production of “The Two Worlds of Charlie Gordon,” based on the novella “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes, he bought the rights, and later was responsible for turning that story into this film.
  • Academy Award for Best Actor Cliff Robertson
  • Voted Best Actor (Robertson) by the 1968 National Board of Review.
  • Voted One of the Year’s Ten Best English-language Films by the National Board of Review.




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