TCM October 30, 2012 Trivia!


8:00pm (est) The Unknown (1927)

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9:15pm (est) Freaks (1932)

  • Selected in 1994 for inclusion in the Library of Congress’ National Film Registry.
  • The electrical equipment on the set was so badly grounded that crew members were frequently shocked.
  • The film’s original ending showed Hercules singing soprano in Madame Tetralini’s new sideshow, but due to intense test audience reactions this scene was cut.
  • Randion, the man with no arms or legs, developed a habit of lurking in dark corners and frightening passers-by with a blood-curdling yell.
  • During filming, the director was plagued with dreams in which Johnny Eck and a pinhead would keep bringing a cow in backward through a doorway in the middle of shoots.
  • In the UK this film was banned for 30 years after it was first released.
  • The working title of this film was Spurs
  • The picture was very controversial, and many reviewers asserted that it would be difficult for audiences to sympathize with the “freaks” in the film because they were real and not created through makeup or special effects.
  • According to Hollywood Reporter and Film Daily news items, first Jean Harlow and then Myrna Loy was set for the role of Cleopatra, which was played by Olga Baclanova in the completed film.

10:30pm (est) Bedlam (1946)

  • The working titles of this film were Chamber of Horrors and A Tale of Bedlam
  • St. Mary’s of Bethlehem Asylum was built around 1400 and, as depicted in the film, was a corrupt, inhumane institution where public tours were conducted for two cents
  • In a closing written statement, the film notes that “reforms [at Bedlam] were begun in 1773″ and that a new, exemplary hospital was erected “shortly afterward.
  • The interior of Bedlam was actually the set of the church built for The Bells of St. Mary’s (1945)
  • Anna Lee is wearing one of Vivien Leigh’s dresses from Gone With the Wind (1939) in one scene.
  • Screenplay: Mark Robson, Carlos Keith (a pseudonym for Val Lewton)
  • The definition of bedlam: a noisy confused place or situation; state of uproar: “his speech caused bedlam”

12Midnight (est) One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)

  • The role of McMurphy was originally offered to James Caan.
  • Will Sampson, who plays Chief, was picked because he was a park ranger in Oregon near the park where it was filmed.
  • ‘Douglas, Kirk’ possessed the movie rights for a long time, before his son ‘Douglas, Michael’ finally started the project.
  • Many extras were “authentic mental patients”
  • ‘Kirk Douglas’ starred in the 1963 Broadway production after buying the film rights prior to publication; he later passed the film rights to his son Michael, but kept a percentage of the profits. Every major studio had declined to make the film during the period he was trying to star in it. ‘Kirk Douglas’ had met Milos Forman in Prague while on a State Department tour and promised to send him the book after deciding he would be a good director for the film; the book never arrived, probably confiscated by communist Czech censors. Ken Kesey wrote a screenplay for the production, but Forman rejected it because Kesey insisted on keeping Chief Bromden’s first-person narration.
  • Voted Best Actor (Nicholson) and One of the Year’s Ten Best Films by the 1975 National Board of Review.
  • Voted Best Actor (Nicholson) by the 1975 National Society of Film Critics.
  • Voted Best Actor (Nicholson) by the 1975 New York Film Critics Circle.
  • Winner of the 1975 Writers Guild of America Award for Best Adapted Screenplay–Drama.
  • Selected in 1993 for inclusion in the Library of Congress’ National Film Registry.
  • Academy Award for Best Picture
  • Academy Award for Best Director Milos Forman
  • Academy Award for Best Actor Jack Nicholson
  • Academy Award for Best Actress Louise Fletcher
  • Academy Award for Best Writing, Screenplay Bo Goldman & Lawrence Hauben
  • Academy Award Nomination for Best Supporting Actor Brad Dourif
  • Academy Award Nomination for Best Editing Richard Chew, Sheldon Kahn & Lynzee Klingman
  • Academy Award Nomination for Best Cinematography
  • Academy Award Nomination for Best Score


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