TCM October 9, 2012 Trivia!

8:00pm (est) Lucky Star(1929)

  • According the Netherlands Film Museum, which restored “Lucky Star”, the film was originally a part talkie, with some dialog and effects, but the soundtrack has been lost.
  • According to the New York Times, the sound version of this movie was “partly silent and partly talking, being divided about equally into the two molds.” Sound effects were scattered throughout the picture, including a phonograph record and the noise of a train’s departure.

9:45pm (est) The Best Years of our Lives (1946)

  • This was the first movie in history to feature a disabled actor in a major role. It was also the first to deal directly with intimacy issues between disabled and non-disabled people.
  • Ray Teal’s character (the Axis sympathizer at the soda fountain) is listed in the credits as “Mr. Mollett”. However, the character’s name is never mentioned or otherwise alluded to.
  • Director William Wyler was furious when he learned that Samuel Goldwyn had sent Harold Russell for acting lessons; he preferred Russell’s untrained, natural acting.
  • Wyler wanted a completely un-glamorous look, requiring all costumes to be bought off the rack and worn by the cast before filming, and making sure all sets were built smaller than life-size.
  • In order to give the film documentary-style realism, the director drew each member of the crew – props, grips, mixers, etc. – from the ranks of WWII veterans.
  • Wyler pattered the fictional Boone City after Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Academy Award for Best Picture
  • Academy Award for Best Actor Fredric March
  • Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor Harold Russell
  • Academy Award for Best Director William Wyler
  • Academy Awards for Best Writing, Screenplay Robert E. Sherwood
  • Academy Award for Best Score
  • Academy Award for Best Editing Daniel Mandel
  • Academy Award Nomination for Best Sound

12:45pm (est) Reach for the Sky (1956)

  • Biggest grossing British film of 1956 and the most successful film in England since Gone with the Wind.
  • Douglas Bader received a CBE from the Queen (Commander of the British Empire) for services to the disabled the same year that the film was released.
  • Bader was knighted in 1976, and he died in 1982.

3:15am (est) Bright Victory (1951)

  • The working title of this film was Lights Out
  • Academy Award Nomination for Best Actor Arthur Kennedy
  • Academy Award Nomination for Best Sound


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