Push Girls, Ironside & My Gimpy Life

  • By · May 31st, 2013

Images of people with disabilities are finally starting to appear on regularly scheduled television shows. First, The Sundance Channel launched “Push Girls.” This docudrama is about four ladies who are wheelchair-users that live in LA–portrayed by actresses with authentic disabilities. Then there is NBC’s “Ironside,” which is about a disabled police officer. Yet, Blair Underwood, a non-disabled Actor has been cast to portray this wheelchair-using character.

Aside of the controversy surrounding the latter, this is progress and I commend The Sundance Channel and NBC for making an effort to appeal to an audience that has been overlooked for far too long. Hopefully, this trend will progress and the next cable TV show featuring a main character with a disability will be one that I will enjoy watching because it is realistic, funny and have characters I can relate to like, “My Gimpy Life.”

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