The Oscars Prove that Hollywood Must Place Diversity at the Center Stage to Survive Long Term

  • By · February 24th, 2012

“At a time when American enterprise is attempting to reinvent itself by being more trustworthy, transparent and authentic, we seem to have a problem in Hollywood that needs immediate repair if the US economy and its people are to get back on track.  The media & entertainment industry (like many other industries) is simply teasing us into believing that America’s changing face and its new found richness of diversity is being properly recognized and respected – not for the sake of representation but rather for the influence that is being created by movies goers.  The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences must shift its current white-bred command and control approach to recognize that from Bollywood to Hollywood, diversity is the type of story-telling paradigm that must be represented in scripts, movies, television shows, its actors and ultimately in the executive suite for the business to thrive and survive long term.”

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